Skills: Web design, Photoshop, Adobe Xd

Release Date: April, 2021

Project Description
  • User Expierience
  • User Interface
  • Wireframeing
  • Prototyping

In this portfolio you will see a short representation of how I managed the Users Experience ISSUES on the Matzker´s Webpage.

Webpage´s Problematics
  • The presented information did not follow any strong logical concept
  • unstructured presentation of many FEATURED ARTICLES, PRODUCTS, CARS, VIDEOS etc.
  • High bouncing rate by potential customers
My aproach

The company´s management wanted to present all services and products to the customers. They put as much information as possible with out following any logical concept.

I separated very clearly the different services which the company offers to its customers I visualized clearly in my head what the Landing Page should be about.

Basically, the company’s activities are as following:

  • selling Cars (new or second hand)
  • building Campers (called mdx)
  • Tuning, Repairing and Restoration
  • Maintenance, Inspection and TÜV
  • Leasing and Financing

Now I had a concept which hat to be visualized on the screen and offered to the visitors as suitable and efficient User Experience.

I put three sections above each other:

• NEW ARRIVALS- it is left and right scrollable gallery representing the latest cars put on sale by the company.

• mdx- it is left and right scrollable gallery representing the campers build by the company.

• WIR BITTEN IHNEN AUCH NOCH- this is the section which presents the services: TUNING & REPAIRING • MAINTENANCE, INSPECTION AND and TÜV • LEASING AND FINANCING. In order to keep things attractive and consequent I used a reliable photos which represent very well the meaning of the titles of the services.

In order to achieve more user friendly environment I put a Button labeled with the call-to-action expression “JETZT FRAGEN” which links to the contact form. Like this the Site offers better experience to the user by saving him/her some time for searching for the contact form or the telephone number.