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Mundipharm – Hr. Cherkezov


[vc_custom_titles title=”Contest” title_type=”h5″]MUNDIPHARMA[/vc_custom_titles][vc_custom_titles title=”Year” title_type=”h5″]2013[/vc_custom_titles][vc_custom_titles title=”Type” title_type=”h5″]Sculpture [/vc_custom_titles]
[vc_custom_titles title=”the attractive ground “][/vc_custom_titles]

In the year 2013 the management of Mundipharma in Limburg- Germany wanted to make the front yard of their production plant look attractive. They organized a contest between several artists to find the best project for their front yard.

[vc_custom_titles title=”Iris” title_type=”h2″][/vc_custom_titles]

For this project I chose to make a metal sculpture of three huge blooming Irises rising up from the ground. Irises are symbolism of hope and faith.

Mundipharma is well known for their research, development and production of medicals used against cancer. I thing what the Irises symbolize fits very well to the company’s products.

[vc_custom_titles title=”Creating of the video” title_type=”h2″][/vc_custom_titles]

The creating or the sculpture was divided into 4 stages:

• Making photos of the buildings and the aria of Mundipharma’s production plant.

• Preparing blueprints for 3D modeling.

• 3D modeling of the sculpture and its surrounding area.

• Exporting of pictures of the 3D model showing the composition from different angles.

[vc_custom_titles title=” Irises are symbolism of hope and faith” title_type=”h2″][/vc_custom_titles]
[vc_custom_titles title=”Irises at night” title_type=”h2″][/vc_custom_titles]