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Product advertising video

Felo 4 Ipact

Felo Werkzeugfabrik is one of the leading specialists for quality tools.

The company wanted to launch on the market their new inovative product ” FELO 4 IMPACT BIT”. They needed a video that shows to their customers how good their inovation is by comparing the new product with their old ones.


A story board was made in order to keep everything organized and make sure there is nothing missing from the product story in the video.

The story board showed each scene which was supposed to be shoot and created.

Creating of the video

The whole advertising video was created in 4 stages:

• Single product photo shooting.

• Video shooting of the action of testing different products at the Felo’s production factory.

• Retouching the product photos and preparing them for the final cut of the video.

• Putting all elements together in one video.

Enjoy watching