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La Marca




Product photography

Web Shop

As a clothing brand La Marca offers mid – range and high – end clothes for women. Those quality products need to be presented to the customers with enthusiasm and generate positive emotions in order to earn their attention and trust to buy a product.

Win customer attention

The information on the home page of the shop is presented mostly through pictures. It targets the customer’s attention by offering three main infos:

• Discounts presented by banners which link the customers to up to date discounts.

• Free delivery, customer hot line and money back guarantee.

• Featured products which are organized in different categories.

Photo shooting

The images present the products in different еye angles through different poses of the model. Like this the customer is given a great opportunity to have a close look at the products and their materials.

The good product image

The finished product images have clear background and good focus. The human model presents the product through different poses and face expressions. Like this a great spirit and atmosphere is achieved.

The images manage very well to trigger customer’s curiosity and make customers stay longer in the web shop and eventually choose the best suitable product to buy.