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Matzker KFZ




• UX/UI Design
• Product Photography

Matzker KFZ

Matzker KFZ is a premium car dealership that has been successful for more than 30 years. The company is an authorized dealer and official representative of the English car brand Land Rover.

Additionally the company is specialized in the development and production of their own accessory components for various car models and restoration of Classic cars.

What does this portfolio represent?

In this portfolio you will only see a short representation of how I managed the Users Experience ISSUES on the Matzker´s Landing page.

The company´s activity is quite large so there were many other User Interface and User Experience Problems which hat to be managed.

Along the time I will try to present them on my portfolio.

Problems to tackle

Since the launch of the Web Site in 2016 the numbers of the visitors went down und stayed constantly low through the years. As well as that the bouncing rate is in average 55%.

The site is offering visual concept and user experience which are not on the right level to keep the bousing rates low and to win new customers.

View Matzka´s Home Page Prototype

The proper approach

In order to solve the problems, I had to do:

• Look for User Experience issues

• Research

• Wireframes / Prototyping

Landing page´s Problematic content

It seems like that the company wanted to show everything that it offers on the market by throwing as much information as possible to the customer’s eyes with out following any logical order or concept.

The customer was able to see an untidy presentation of many FEATURED ARTICLES, PRODUCTS, CARS, VIDEOS.

In my opinion this leads to confusion in the head of the potential customer.

My soulution to the Problematic content

After I separated very clearly the different services which the company offers to its customers I visualized clearly in my head what the Landing Page should be about.

Basically, the company´s activities are following:

• selling Cars (new or second hand)

• building Campers (called mdx)

• Tuning, Repairing and Restoration

• Maintenance, Inspection and TÜV

• Leasing and Financing

Now I had a concept which hat to be visualized on the screen and offered to the visitors as suitable and efficient User Experience.

I put three sections above each other:

• NEW ARRIVALS- it is left and right scrollable gallery representing the latest cars put on sale by the company.

• mdx- it is left and right scrollable gallery representing the campers build by the company.

• WIR BITTEN IHNEN AUCH NOCH- this is the section which presents the services: TUNING & REPAIRING • MAINTENANCE, INSPECTION AND and TÜV • LEASING AND FINANCING. In order to keep things attractive and consequent I used a reliable photos which represent very well the meaning of the titles of the services.

In order to achieve more user friendly environment I put a Button labeled with the call-to-action expression “JETZT FRAGEN” which links to the contact form. Like this the Site offers better experience to the user by saving him/her some time for searching for the contact form or the telephone number.