Don Juan

[vc_custom_titles title=”Contest” title_type=”h5″]Theater Marburg[/vc_custom_titles][vc_custom_titles title=”Year” title_type=”h5″]2011[/vc_custom_titles][vc_custom_titles title=”Type” title_type=”h5″]Poster[/vc_custom_titles]
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Theater Marburg is a local theater situated in the city of Marburg- Germany. Every year this institution shows for several days a big play where the old town square of the city turns into stage.

In the year 2011 Theater Marburg opened poster contest for their play ” Don Juan”.

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Several pencil drawings were made in order to choose the best suitable idea. The right drawing was scanned and put into Photoshop where I used some color and light adjustments to get the final look of the poster.

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